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Our Advanced 7D CAPTAIN Head & Face Shaver is the latest technology of the best electric rotary shaver available today.  It is ready to take you to the best shaving experience in the shortest time, with the closest shave and least irritation, leaving you satisfied, worry free, and keeps your growing hair so easy to manage.  

Try it at home for 30 Days and if you don't like it, return it for your money back.





The 7D CAPTAIN Head & Face Shaver operates 7 independent rotary blades that simultaneously adapt to the contour of your head/face and make a close contact. The thin rotary foilsallow the blades to get as close to your face as possible, and the tiny gapsof the foils (140um) allows only the hair to pass through and not your skin. The ultra-protective rotary foils remove direct exposure of your skins to the blades, thereby eliminating cuts, razor burns, or other skin issues frequently encountered with manual razor, or other electric razors. 

As you move in straight or reciprocal directions, independent blades pass through the hair and make multiple cuts from several directions, achieving clean uniform cuts throughout your head/face, allowing you to effectively reduce the shaving time.  

For sensitive skin, the 7D CAPTAIN Shaver allows wet operation with shaving cream/foams to make the skin feel more comfortable. The 7D CAPTAIN Blades are easy to wash, dry, and store away.



Foil shavers are designed to work with sideway movements giving control and precision in the direction of the shave. The rotary shavers are designed to shave in cyclical movements with each blade head moves independently, allowing larger skin area to be shaved multiple times and from multiple directions.

The rotary blades allow the shaving in any direction. For best shave, we recommend shaving in small circular motions. For the smoothest shave, we recommend shaving with shaving cream or foam.

Yes. The 7D CAPTAIN Head & Face Shaver can be used to shave the facial hair around the neck and jaw with close shave natural looking results. The flexible heads and the handling design allow it to be used efficiently and comfortably to shave around these areas with light pressure. This shaver comes with grooming kits that offer all-in-one solution for your shaving needs.

Not quite, because there is still a thin foil separating your skin from the sharp blades, it can shave close enough to your skin as the thin foil allows.  However, one generally will avoid getting the razor burns, bumps and skin irritation with our 7D CAPTAIN Head & Face Shaver.

It can be used to cut any type of hair. However, it works best when the hair is shorter than 2-3 mm. The included Head Trimmer and Clippers can be used to trim long and thick hair before our 7D CAPTAIN Head & Face Shaver is applied for a clean shave. 

It depends on the length of the hair. For hair longer than 2-3 mm, we recommend using the Hair Trimmer head and the 3 hair clippers (3, 5, 7 mm) that are included.

It generally depends on how frequent, how much shaving it is used, and the thickness of the hair. We recommend replacing the 7D CAPTAIN Blades every 6 months to a year to maintain optimal shaving performance.

Yes, it can be used to shave wet or dry, with or without shaving cream or foam. We do not recommend using shaving oil as it can build up in the blades and become difficult to clean. The 7D CAPTAIN Head & Face Shaver is rated IPX6, meaning it is waterproof and can be used in the shower. However, it cannot be submerged under water.

The 7D CAPTAIN Head & Face Shaver is designed for efficient cleanup. There is no need for special cleaning station.  But You must remove the power cord before cleaning from the handheld part. You can easily cleanup the 7D CAPTAIN Blades by a) opening the 6 blade heads, b) rotating the center blade counterclockwise, and c) rinsing under running water until it's clean.  The included cleaning brush can be used for dry cleaning. Once done, simply reverse the steps, dry up, and store away.

Depending on how sensitive your skin is, it can take up to 3 weeks for your skin to adapt to the new shaver. Please stop shaving if you experience skin irritation to allow your skin to heal. The first few shaves may not give you the result you expect, and your skin may become irritated. This is not uncommon for your skin and hair to adapt to the new shaver. Once they have adapted, then you can use the shaver more regularly.

The 7D CAPTAIN Head & Face Shaver works well on most skin and hair types. Using shaving cream or foam can help reduce the sensitivity. However, we offer a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. If it does not work for your situation, we will give your money back.

The 7D CAPTAIN Head & Face Shaver comes with USB charging cable, allowing you the convenient to charge it from the power bank, in the car, or any other USB port. Very convenient when traveling to other countries as the hassles with different voltage requirements are eliminated.

You can use the 7D CAPTAIN Head & Face Shaver cordless or plugged in. However, to avoid any risk of electrical shock during wet shaving operation, it must not be used when plugged in. So, we usually recommend using it cordless.

When the 7D CAPTAIN Head & Face Shaver is fully charged, a "FULL" or "100min" - indicating 100% charged - will be displayed. It can last between 25- 60 mins depending on the shaving habits, shaving volume, and the attachment used. Generally, you can do multiple rounds of shaving times. However, partial charging can be done at any time. Please make sure the 7D CAPTAIN Shaver and the charging cable are dry before charging.

No, the 7D CAPTAIN Head & Face Shaver uses Lithium-ion battery which has no charge memory effect. A Li-ion battery does not need 100% complete charging. Once it reaches a full charge, you should stop charging it immediately. It is recommended to not overcharge a Li-ion battery. Overnight charging should also be avoided as it may damage the battery over time. So, it can be charged whenever there are partial charge remaining.